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Dom always thought he was a pretty smart guy (after all, he studied physics, and worked as a spacecraft engineer 🚀). But when he met his Chinese wife and tried to learn Mandarin, he realized he his learning method was not up to the test. This prompted him to dive into learning science, and create Traverse, a research-based learning tool that can help anyone master though topics.
Using Traverse himself, he was able to get fluent in Mandarin, live in China and chat with his wife’s family and friends.
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One of the early users was Raleigh, who realized Traverse’s potential for helping students learn medicine (he used Traverse to get a 99th percentile MCAT score!). Raleigh has since joined and grown the team.
Traverse has helped tens of thousands of learners since, and together with you we are on our way to building the best learning tool for learning complex topics.

Our Team

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Dom speaks 5 languages. It was actually his love for language that drove him to create Traverse.
He enjoys long bike rides and traveling the world.
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A Utah native, Felicia has traveled to 4 continents. Like Dom, she speaks fluent Chinese.
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About Raleigh
Raleigh met his wife on a school bus. He enjoys hanging out with his new kitten and kiteboarding.
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About Jesus
Jesus enjoys the outdoors and going to concerts. He also has a great story about breaking his jaw.
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About Hans
Hans enjoys the city life of London while creating amazing designs in a matter of seconds.

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Join our community on Reddit, or chat with us and other members in the Discord community.
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